Flooding in Idaho: When a Big Snow Year Begins to Melt

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Update on Bundy Conspiracy Trial

From The Weekly Sun


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Deadline Day


End of day goodbyes.
A minute ago we were slammed
Making decisions, fixing errors.
Editing and building ads
And writing.
Ordering lunch, walking the newshounds.
Interviews hastily managed over the phone.
Note taking and surfing.
And making coffee, before
Cigarette breaks.
And arriving, not perky.
The day began
Too early.

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Her Fingers Tapped A Notion

Her fingers tapped a notion
The paper took on words
Whose meanings moved stale air
A flight for typist and bird.

Who flits beyond her window
In a dusty attic room
And gathered up its feathers
To brush away the doom.

Its flight took it far away
the absence made her weep
But when her typing ended
The notion was complete.
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Unity is power, he said.
I loved his face,
but his laugh bothered me.
It impressed me as phoney.
And who was he anyway
to tell me about unity?

I heard my mother in my mind;
her voice sharp with knowingness.
Her eyes like pools of wet, blue experience.
Don’t lower your standards,
she said.
I believed her.
Increase the effort.

About men? I thought?
He laughed again, and I walked away.
But not before taking the brochure he offered.

Photography by Dana Scruggs

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